Onur TAŞ

"Lets Take a Tour... Shall We?"


My name is Onur TAŞ. I am a third year student at Bikent University. My department is Computer Science. I am currently looking for an opportunity to further my career within the Mobile Platform.

Here are some of my achievements.

Computer Screen Locker - 2009

I was in high school when I made this program. Students in our school started to abuse the usage of the PCs. I was asked to provide the software for this problem. I made one, instead of finding. (Coded w/ Visual Basic 6)

Web Browser (+Tab Support) - 2010

Web Browser for Windows operating system. What makes it different is, it is not only able to create new tabs and save bookmarks, but also has theme support by color synthesizing. (Coded w/ C#.NET)

Windows Shutter - 2011

First year in the university. This application is basically here for Shutting Windows down after a period of time passed. While it is timed to be shut down, it can locks the screen. (Coded w/ Java)

Knight OnLine Hack - 2013

Well known MMO game in Turkey. This hack program, manipulates the game and allows users to kill mobs automatically, while checking mana and health potions. (Coded w/ VB.NET)




Windows Phone

UI Design

(VB + C#) + C++



Problem Solving



☆ Info stored on secure database
☆ Auto game detection
☆ Auto update system
☆ 'Change Pass' option
☆ Fully automated Attack system


☆ Compatible with acedemics
☆ Auto Mail Checking
☆ System tray icon
☆ Mail notification window! - sliding screen
☆ 'Updater' integrated!


☆ Tab system integrated
☆ Background theme fixed
☆ Theme support arrived
☆ Bookmarks can be saved now
☆ 4 Search engines compatible now


-No history was recorded.


☆ hibernate function added
☆ can be disabled till last 10 seconds remaining
☆ Screen Lock added
☆ 'Change Pass' option added